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How can we promote responsible energy development? We need your input!

How can we ensure that energy development works for the people and the planet? How can we improve outcomes for local communities and ensure they can share the benefits of development? How can we ensure development activities minimize negative impacts on the environment? We need your feedback on the EO100™ Standard for Responsible Energy Development so that it reflects current industry best practices and stakeholder expectations on social, environmental, and ethical performance of energy projects.

EO Greets the Wind Industry at AWEA

EO made its renewable energy debut this spring at the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) conference. The annual event, held May 23 - 26 this year in New Orleans, provides an opportunity for wind project developers, financiers, service providers, and advocates to meet, discuss the state of the wind power market, and address challenges confronting the industry.

EO Announces New Partnership with Global Infrastructure Basel

EO Announces New Partnership with Global Infrastructure Basel: Expansion of Positive Impact and Raise Global Standards for Responsible Energy and Infrastructure Development Practices

While Equitable Origin (EO) works to raise the bar for social and environmental practices by energy developers, the Switzerland-based foundation Global Infrastructure Basel (GIB) pursues a parallel mission of promoting responsible and sustainable infrastructure development.

Governors’ Pledge to Support Renewables will Accelerate Clean Energy Boom and Increase Risk of Social Conflict in the U.S.

In a time of intense partisan animosity in the U.S., a bipartisan group of governors from 17 states has found common ground in renewable energy. In an accord, signed on February 16, the governors pledged to accelerate their efforts to create a green economy in the U.S. by boosting renewables, building better electricity grids and cutting emissions from transportation.

EO’s Latin America Director Reflects on the Region’s Energy Future in Industry Magazine Colombia Energía

On a planet of over seven billion people, there is an insatiable demand for energy. Latin America, and developing countries in general, though rich in energy resources, have the least access to energy and experience the most devastating impacts of climate change. They have consequently found themselves in the dilemma of balancing energy security with social equality while mitigating the environmental effects of energy production and global warming.

Equitable Origin 2015 Assurance Report

Information sharing with all stakeholders is a top priority for EO. Just as we seek to bring greater transparency to the energy industry, we are dedicated to making our own organization’s systems and operations transparent as well. The sharing of such information with stakeholders is generally known as “assurance.”

Advancing COP21’s Climate Vision with Verified-Responsible Renewable Energy in Mexico and Around the World

Before the COP21 climate summit officially kicked off on November 30th, renewable energy had already received a major boost. The previous day, a group of billionaires led by Bill Gates used the occasion of COP21 to announce the formation of the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, an initiative to “invest early, broadly, boldly, and wisely” in clean energy research and technical innovation to speed the transition to a no-carbon future.