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A Fast and Fair Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy

This week, the American Renewable Energy Institute (AREI) hosted their 14th annual American Renewable Energy Day summit in Colorado, and EO's CEO, Soledad Mills, spoke on a panel about the challenges and opportunities of developing renewable energy in emerging markets.

Promoting Responsible Shale Development in Texas

Building on our work in Texas last year, EO is continuing to explore opportunities for applying best practices in energy development in the Lone Star State. This spring, we were privileged to be guided through the Eagle Ford shale and the Trans-Pecos regions of Texas by Sister Elizabeth Riebschlaeger, a native of Texas, whose knowledge and experience of the regions as well as her indomitable spirit made for an enlightening and informative journey.

In Partnership with the National Hydrocarbon Agency, EO Supports Strengthening of Human Rights Protections in the Oil & Gas Sector in Colombia

A single word can define the last five years of Colombia’s energy sector: change. The country suffered the negative effects of the oil and gas price drop, new legal conditions to promote renewable energy development were approved, local communities put forward referendums to approve or protest projects in their territories and a new structural tax reform was put in place.

Creating Shared Value in the Energy Sector

In light of next week's Shared Value Leadership Summit in New York, we thought we'd revisit the concept of Creating Shared Value and how it applies to the energy sector.

Since we first explored this topic almost five years ago, much has evolved in our sector.

Now Accepting Applications for Project Director, EO Texas

Equitable Origin is searching for an experienced professional to direct our expanding programs in Texas. We're looking for driven, dynamic team members committed to EO's mission. Qualified candidates may apply by following the instructions in the Project Director job description.

EO100™ Certification Withdrawal Notice

This month, the certification of the Quifa oil field to the EO100™ Standard was withdrawn due to non-conformance with the annual verification audit requirement per Equitable Origin Procedure 204: Certification Decision and Certificate Issuance Procedure.

Fracking, Toxics and Disclosure

The following is a guest blog by EO Technical Committee member, T. Robert Fetter, who conducted a research project as part of the work on responsible shale development supported by Viridian Energy's Simply Right Natural Gas Fund.


In emerging technologies where stakeholders express concern about potential external damages, but the extent of those damages is uncertain, regulators frequently turn to information disclosure as a tool to encourage pollution-reducing innovation without being overly prescriptive.

Wind Power Siting and Communities: How to avoid a Standing Rock situation

EO's CEO, Soledad Mills' article, 'Wind Power Siting and Communities: How to avoid a Standing Rock situation', published in the January/February edition of North American Clean Energy magazine, explains how clean energy companies can take steps to ensure they obtain and maintain a social license to operate through effective community engagement and consultation based on international standards.