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Territorio Vivo Virtual School Sessions Conclude

"Let's keep communicating from the Territory!" urged Joaquín Wray, director of the CEFO program at Equitable Origin, at the closing of the virtual school "Territorio Vivo." Indigenous youth from Mexico and Ecuador shared their progress in installing internet networks and video production in their communities.

EO Seeks: Latin America Intern, Ecuador

Equitable Origin (EO) is an independent, nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization incorporated in the U.S. that supports companies, communities, and Indigenous Peoples in ensuring responsible natural resource development. Since its founding in Ecuador in 2009, EO has worked with Indigenous Peoples, the private sector, other non-governmental organizations, and governments to develop best practices and promote a rights-based approach to sustainable development throughout the Americas.

Territorio Vivo: Session 5

((🌐)) Strengthening territories, building digital security! In the fifth session of Territorio Vivo, we delved into the principles of digital care and the ability to manage and safeguard passwords🔗💻. These skills are the master key to empower communicators and promoters of community internet, enabling them to share this knowledge in their communities and actively participate in the development of methods for information protection and territorial defense.

Territorio Vivo: Session 4

((🌐)) In the fourth session of Territorio Vivo, we immersed ourselves in the fascinating universe of wireless connectivity with the theme 'Wifi Links and Secondary Routers.' 🔗💻 We explored different types of radio links for the internet and highlighted the importance of configuring routers for network management, creating captive portals, firewalls, and other rules.

Territorio Vivo: Session 3

🔰 Advancing with determination in Session 03 of the Virtual School "Territorio Vivo"! During this third meeting, we deepened our knowledge of accounting and community management 📊. From Zamora Chinchipe (Ecuador) to Calakmul, Puebla, and Oaxaca (Mexico), the young generations of indigenous peoples continue to strengthen their bonds and knowledge.

Territorio Vivo: Session 2

🔰 Moving forward with Session 02 of the Virtual School "Territorio Vivo." An initiative supported by the Popular Free Media Laboratory and the Indigenous Rights Strengthening Center (CEFO Indígena), in close collaboration with the communities we work with.

Territorio Vivo: Session 1

🔰 Territorio Vivo kicks off! An initiative of the Popular Free Media Laboratory and the Indigenous Rights Strengthening Center (CEFO Indígena), born in the communities we work closely with. Indigenous youth from Ecuador 🇪🇨 and Mexico 🇲🇽 converged in the virtual school, Territorio Vivo, to continue the training processes carried out in the territory and to strengthen knowledge about the installation of community internet, generation of community networks, and creation of attractive communication content with cultural and territorial value.

Territorio Vivo Sessions set to Launch

((🌐)) #VirtualSchool #TerritorioVivo, an initiative born from the indigenous communities of Mexico 🇲🇽, Ecuador 🇪🇨, and Peru 🇵🇪 to communicate to the world from their territories. 🌿💬 Driven by Cripx Calakmul, Fepnash Zamora Chinchipe, the Popular Free Media Laboratory, and the CEFO Indígena, this virtual school promotes identity and access to communication as fundamental rights.

Canadian to head world’s leading Responsible Natural Gas Certification Body

September 18, 2023

Calgary - Equitable Origin’s Board of Directors announced today at the World Petroleum Congress that it has appointed Canadian climate innovation champion Jason Switzer as the organization’s new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Equitable Origin advances market-based mechanisms to incent leadership in responsible energy development, and to support Indigenous rights.