EO100™ Certification Withdrawal Notice

This month, the certification of the Quifa oil field to the EO100™ Standard was withdrawn due to non-conformance with the annual verification audit requirement per Equitable Origin Procedure 204: Certification Decision and Certificate Issuance Procedure.* The site, located in Meta Department, Colombia, is owned and operated by Pacific Exploration & Production Corporation (formerly, Pacific Rubiales Energy) and was originally certified in August 2014 along with the Rubiales oil field, an adjacent site. The company's contract to operate the Rubiales field expired in June 2016. As such, the scope of the certification was reduced to the Quifa field during the 2016 annual verification audit.

The certification status has been updated on our website and communicated to the EO governance bodies.

For questions, please contact: [email protected]

*EOP-204: Provision Verification audits and recertification audits are not conducted on schedule in accordance with the required frequency.