Protecting people and the environment
through safe natural resource development

Equitable Origin

Assuring Indigenous Rights

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We are an independent, nonprofit organization

Dedicated to promoting socially and environmentally responsible natural resource development

Equitable Origin is the world´s first stakeholder-led, independent, voluntary standards system designed to enable high social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability in natural resource development.

We work with communities, companies and governments to deliver practical tools and guidelines, disseminate best practices, and provide independent recognition of social and environmental performance of natural resource projects.


Building a brighter, safer, more equitable future worldwide

By supporting and verifying best social and environmental practices

Healthier Environments

By ensuring natural resource development is conducted in a safe and effective manner, the impact to the physical environment is reduced, water can be conserved and protected and disruption and fragmentation of the surrounding landscape is limited. This allows for the environment to not simply survive, but thrive.

Safer, Happier Communities

Equitable Origin empowers communities near natural resource projects to understand and assert their rights and interests. The EO100™ Standard clearly defines international best practices and provides a framework for communities to productively engage with natural resource companies and build mutually-beneficial projects.

Fair, efficient, and responsible renewable energy

A rapid expansion of renewable energy sources is essential to combating climate change. Through its EO100™ Standard and support services, Equitable Origin ensures that the renewable energy that's beneficial to the planet is also beneficial to neighboring communities and local environments.

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