How Can We Make Oil and Gas More Responsible? We Need Your Input

How Can We Make Oil and Gas More Responsible? We Need Your Input

We need your feedback on the EO100™ Standard to help us ensure it reflects current industry best practices and stakeholder expectations on social, environmental, and ethical performance of oil and gas operations.

Our online consultation tool is available for anyone to submit comments for a period of 60 days from October 6 to December 5, 2014. A second public consultation will be held next year. We expect to complete the review in 2016.

In the revised version of the Standard (based on changes suggested by our Standards Technical Committee), there are five Principles:

  1. Transparency & Ethics
  2. Human Rights
  3. Indigenous Peoples’ Rights
  4. Fair Labor
  5. Environment

The online consultation tool allows you to focus your comments on specific areas or topics.

Each Principle includes Objectives to meet in pursuit of certified-responsible practices, and Performance Targets serve as the indicators of progress towards each Objective. In this first phase of the review process, we are only seeking feedback on the Principles, Objectives and Level 1 Performance Targets. A site has to meet all of the applicable Level 1 Performance Targets to achieve certification to the EO100 Standard (for more information on the Performance Target levels.

Do you think the Performance Targets are feasible for implementation? Are they auditable? Do they set the bar high enough? Are they in line with international standards? Are they applicable to your local context? We invite everyone with an interest and/or expertise in oil and gas development to help answer these questions and make the EO100 Standard even more effective.

The EO100 Standard is becoming the benchmark for responsible oil and gas development. You have the opportunity to shape the content of the Standard and be part of the process to improve it.

Get involved!

Please contact: consulta[at] with any questions.