Pablo Yépez

Pablo Yépez

Director of Socio-environmental Affairs

Pablo’s 20 years working throughout the Ecuadorian Amazon evaluating environmental and social change has given him firsthand knowledge of the impacts that oil and gas development can bring to a community. Yet, he also understands the potential role that development can play in conserving forests and sensitive ecosystems. Pablo brings his extensive experience focusing on cultural and ecological conservation to Equitable Origin where he directs stakeholder engagement throughout the Ecuadorian, Colombian and Peruvian Amazon.

As a biologist, Pablo’s work has included ethnobotany, ecology of primates, environmental education and sustainable community development projects. An avid photographer, Pablo has published several scientific articles, reports, books and videos related to the Amazon.

Pablo graduated with a B.S. in Biology from the Catholic University in Quito Ecuador.

Expertise: Monitoring of environmental and social change, stakeholder engagement