Juan Carlos Jintiach

Juan Carlos Jintiach


As a recognized global leader for Indigenous Peoples, Juan Carlos is a major advocate for creating tools and systems that serve to empower communities, in particular indigenous communities, to make informed decisions that reflect that right to self determination. Juan Carlos was appointed by the Board of Directors of COICA (Coordinator of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin) in March 2012 as its representative to Equitable Origin's Standards Board to ensure that the rights and "voice" of Indigenous Peoples are reflected, embodied and respected in Equitable Origin's standard and standard-setting processes.

Juan Carlos is the Coordinator of the International Economic Cooperation and Autonomous Indigenous Development for COICA (Coordinator of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin). A member of the Shuar, an Indigenous group in the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador, he has worked extensively with Shuar, Achuar and Kichwa communities and indigenous organizations of Ecuador, including FISCH (Interprovincial Shuar Federation), NAE (Achuar Nation of Ecuador), FIPSE (Independent Federation of the Shuar Nation of Ecuador), NASHE (Shuar Nation of Ecuador), CONFENIAE (Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon) and CONAIE (Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador). Recently, he served as a Parliamentary advisor in the Republic of Ecuador’s National Congress. He also speaks fluent English, Spanish and Shuar.

Juan Carlos graduated with a B.A. in Natural Resources Management from the University of San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador.

Expertise: Natural resource management, Indigenous politics, stakeholder engagement