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EO Gains Recognition With Colombia’s National Brand Label

EO has gained recognition as a positive influence on business in Colombia, in the form of certification under the country’s national brand, Marca Pais. Given that Colombia’s oil productions now exceeds 1 million barrels per day, an amount that has steadily increased since 2008, it is vital that steps be taken to ensure industry-wide social and environmental responsibility.

EO Hosts EO100™ Standard Consultation with Amazon Indigenous Organization CONFENIAE

From January 13th to 15th, Equitable Origin convened a meeting in Ecuador’s coastal province of Esmeraldas with leaders and representatives of a number of indigenous groups in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The purpose of the meeting was to consult with indigenous groups of the region on the EO100™ Standard, collect input on the impacts of oil and gas industry activity in the region, and discuss the effects of low oil prices on the responsible production practices.

EO100™ Standard to Guide Mexico-Canada Discussions on Energy Development

Equitable Origin’s EO100™ Standard for responsible oil and gas development will be a touchstone for discussions on energy development practices between Mexican and Canadian trade representatives this year, according to an official document.

The two nations’ shared energy interests was an area of focus at the September 2014 meeting of the Canada-Mexico Partnership’s Trade Investment and Innovation (TII) Working Group in Calgary, Canada.

EO President Tells GreenBiz.com How EO is Raising the Bar for Oil and Gas

EO landed on the front page of the leading sustainable business media outlet GreenBiz.com this week. GreenBiz Chairman and Executive Editor Joel Makower interviewed EO President and Co-Founder David Poritz about EO's mission, the EO100™ Standard, and what needs to happen for the Equitable Origin System to successfully improve social and environmental practices in the oil and gas industry.