Sebastián Pérez

Sebastián Pérez

Director of Latin America Operations

Sebastián holds both Colombian and Ecuadorian nationalities. He has extensive experience in leading multidisciplinary teams at responsible business associations, sustainability consulting and capacity building. He has addressed more than 2000 business leaders as a sustainability trainer. He has also led sustainability and social innovation projects for communities and companies within the energy sector on stakeholder engagement and sustainable business not only in main urban centers, but also in small cities and remote rural locations in Latin American countries.

As a Regional Director, Sebastián leads EO's efforts to enhance its impact in the region by supporting and promoting the standards development and social and environmental best practices through strong stakeholder engagement activities and forming strategic partnerships in Latin America.

Sebastián is a University of the Andes MBA Candidate in Bogotá, holds an International Business Certificate on Corporate Social Responsibility from the Tec Monterrey Mexico and a Transforming Communities Certificate from American University in Washington DC. He majored in Government and International Relations in the Externado University of Bogotá.

Expertise: Stakeholder Engagement, Sustainable Business Strategy, Sustainability Standards, Capacity Building, Risk Management, Social Investment, Social Innovation