Miguel Moyano

Miguel Moyano


Miguel’s extensive experience managing socio-environmental issues related to the oil and gas industry has made him an authority among the community of experts and institutions participating in international technical and policy dialogue. Following his position as Sustainability Director, he currently serves as the Upstream Director of ARPEL (Regional Association of Oil, Gas and Biofuels Sector Companies in Latin America and the Caribbean), an international organization of oil, gas and biofuels companies representing over 90 percent of the sector’s operations in Latin America and the Caribbean. He is responsible for the development, coordination and technical implementation of all regional projects and technical reporting on industry-related issues. As an expert on socio-environmental subjects and their relationship to the oil industry, Miguel has led ARPEL to become the regional industry focal point on sustainability issues for all stakeholders.

Miguel has served as a consultant to the private sector and to UNESCO, IMO, the World Bank, the US Department of Energy and the Canadian International Development Agency. His work has been published in several industry journals, and he has been delivered conferences at national and international events on five continents.

He holds a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Uruguay; a Diploma with Distinction in Marine Pollution Chemistry from Liverpool University and a MBA in Oil and Gas –with Distinction- from Middlesex University.

Expertise: Socio-environmental policy, Latin American oil and gas industry relations, sustainability, technical reporting