Joaquin Wray

Joaquin Wray

LATAM Program Manager

Joaquín is originally from Ecuador, however he has had the opportunity to live throughout Latin America and live in Bolivia and Peru. He later graduated with a B.S. in Political Science and Government from the Catholic University in Lima Peru. These experiences contributed towards his understanding and interests in the socio - political context of the Andean Region.

Due to his interests and experiences, Joaquin later worked with the Peruvian Government where he has worked extensively at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, contributing at the public infrastructure planning and expenditure towards economic recovery during the COVID 19 pandemic; and at the Ministry of Production, following up the Peruvian public procurement program for MSME.

Both experiences have influenced Joaquin´s current interest to help include indigenous communities in the developmental agenda of Andean countries in order to construct a clear oriented and democratic state alongside public-private sector partnership.

Areas of expertise: Peruvian Public Policy, Political Economy of Emerging Markets, stakeholder engagement.