Gilbert Squires

Gilbert Squires

Advisory Council

Industry Representative

As a lawyer, engineer and businessman Gilbert knows the importance of corporate social responsibility and the business risks that can result when companies decide not to integrate best practices into their operations. Gilbert is a founding Board member of Equitable Origin and has played a fundamental role in our growth and business development in Latin America.

As the former President of Conoco Mexico, Ltd., Gilbert has extensive global experience in international energy, international arbitration and litigation and business and corporate law. Born and raised in the Republic of Panama, he is a native Spanish speaker and fully bilingual in English, as well as fluent in Portuguese and French. Beginning his career as a petroleum engineer with Exxon Corporation in Louisiana and later joining Conoco Inc. (now ConocoPhillips), he held various operations, engineering, management and business development positions in the United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. Gilbert is admitted to practice Law in Florida and the District of Columbia and is a Licensed Engineer in Texas.

Expertise: International energy law and litigation, corporate law, engineering