Abel Christian Apaza

Abel Christian Apaza

Communications Coordinator

Of Peruvian origin, Abel is a professional committed to social development and youth participation. His extensive experience in activism and volunteering has earned him local and national recognition in the field of youth. In addition, his outstanding work led him to be part of the national commission in charge of organizing the National Youth Meetings in Peru.

One of his most significant career experiences has been his participation in the broadband installation project for comprehensive connectivity and social development in Quechua and Aymara areas of southern Peru. Through this initiative, he was able to contribute to improving connectivity in these communities, promoting equitable access to technology and generating development opportunities.

Abel has also left his mark in the field of design and communication, serving as the person in charge of the change of image and creation of visual identities for various brands, organizations, and companies. His ability to translate concepts into images has been essential to effectively transmit these entities' messages and values.

Abel is a Civil Engineer with a degree in Administration and Marketing from the National University of the Altiplano. In addition, he has complemented his knowledge through specialized courses in Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, and in-depth Journalism.