Equitable Origin offers energy development stakeholders a suite of services to inform analysis, planning, and implementation in pursuit of improved social and environmental performance. EO recognizes that the needs of operators vary across energy sectors and geographies, and works closely with project partners to develop customized service agreements that best fit each project. In general, Equitable Origin’s services fall into the following categories:

EO100™ Gap Analysis

The Gap Analysis offers a comparison of an Operator’s policies and practices to the provisions of the EO100™ Standard. Using EO’s proprietary online Gap Analysis Tool (coming soon), managers (e.g. Health, Safety and Environment Directors; Project Managers; Directors / VPs of Sustainability) answer detailed questions about company policies and procedures relating to social and environmental impacts. Each question aligns with an EO100™ Performance Target, and responses identify “gaps” between operations and best industry practices, as defined by the EO100™ Standard. The results of the Gap Analysis provide valuable data to operators, investors, regulators and other stakeholders for evaluating and managing non-technical risk. Gap Analysis results also offer insight to stakeholders interested in improving social and environmental performance, whether through EO site certification or other means.

Project Evaluation and Advisory Services

Energy developers, investors in energy projects, or any other stakeholder in development projects wishing to go one step further than the executive-level Gap Analysis have access to EO’s Project Evaluation services. Informed by the results of a Gap Analysis, EO staff and/or EO-trained consultants visit the sites of current or future energy development projects to evaluate on-the-ground realities and offer customized advice on how to improve social and environmental performance at the site level, whether or not the project operator has committed to pursuing EO site certification.

Community Engagement

The Equitable Origin System is grounded in community engagement. Equitable Origin offers years of experience and a wealth of expertise in community engagement to operators, regulators and other stakeholders seeking productive dialogue with communities near their project(s) to establish positive relationships and inform exceptional social performance. Community Engagement services can include situational analyses and local stakeholder mapping of specific projects and in-person or virtual workshops led by EO staff and/or trained consultants. Engagement services are effective at any stage of an energy development project. EO specializes in engagement with Indigenous Peoples in the Amazon region.

Personnel Training

EO100™ Standard for Responsible Energy Development is a one-of-a-kind tool for measuring social and environmental performance by energy developers, and energy development sites can benefit from evaluation and improvement informed by the Standard. In pursuit of this goal, EO trains energy company staff, industry consultants, academics, regulators, and community leaders in understanding and applying the EO100™ Standard to energy projects. EO also offers training in services associated with the EO100™ Standard, including Community Engagement and Project Evaluation.

Assurance Evaluation and Benchmarking

Whether through the EO100™ Standard framework and EO site certification or other approaches, evaluation and improvement of social and environmental performance in energy development requires accurate and reliable information. EO’s robust internal assurance processes and Assurance Oversight Committee offer deep resources and experience for energy companies, regulatory agencies, and other organizations interested in creating or improving their own internal assurance system. EO assurance experts are available to evaluate assurance plans and offer advice that can help build or reinforce a strong, efficient, and effective assurance system related to social and environmental performance in energy development.

For more information about any of these services, including fees, please email contact[at] with the subject “EO Services Inquiry".