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EO100™ Standard for Responsible Energy Development

Equitable Origin developed a comprehensive social and environmental performance standard for energy development operations, the “EO100™ Standard.” The EO100™ Standard is the foundational standard for the EO System and companion to technical addenda like the EO100™ for Shale Oil and Gas Operations.

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Download the EO100™ Standard.

EO100™ for Conventional Onshore Oil & Gas

This technical addendum contains the additional provisions relevant to application of the EO100™ in a conventional, onshore oil and gas development setting and should be applied in tandem with the full EO100™.

Download the EO100™ for Onshore Conventional Oil and Gas Operations

EO100™ Standard for Shale Oil & Gas

While similar to conventional oil and gas operations, shale gas and tight oil extraction operations make a unique set of social and environmental impacts on surrounding areas. To address these impacts, Equitable Origin created the EO100™ Standard Technical Addendum for Shale Oil & Gas Operations, a technical addendum to the EO100™ Standard for Responsible Energy Development.

Click here to access the EO100™ Standard for Shale Oil and Gas