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EO100™ Standard for Responsible Energy Development

Equitable Origin developed a comprehensive social and environmental performance standard for energy development operations, the “EO100™ Standard.” The EO100™ Standard is the foundational standard for the EO System and companion to technical addenda like the EO100™ for Shale Oil and Gas Operations.

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Download the EO100™ Standard.

EO100™ for Conventional Onshore Oil & Gas

This technical addendum contains the additional provisions relevant to application of the EO100™ in a conventional, onshore oil and gas development setting and should be applied in tandem with the full EO100™.

Download the EO100™ for Onshore Conventional Oil and Gas Operations

EO100™ Standard for Shale Oil & Gas

While similar to conventional oil and gas operations, shale gas and tight oil extraction operations make a unique set of social and environmental impacts on surrounding areas. To address these impacts, Equitable Origin created the EO100™ Standard for Shale Oil & Gas Operations, a technical addendum to the EO100™ Standard for Responsible Energy Development. The addendum is currently in draft form.

Click here to access the draft EO100™ for Shale Oil and Gas

Equitable Origin’s Monitoring & Evaluation Report

The M&E Program has been under development since 2012 and will move into the implementation phase in 2017. A complete description of the program’s structure, objectives, and methodology is available in the M&E Public System Report. It is anticipated that Equitable Origin will begin reporting on the results of the M & E program in 2018.

M&E Public System Report

M&E: Public System Report Appendices

M&E: Defining the Intended Change

M&E: Performance Indicators

M&E: Intended Effects

M&E: Unintended Effects

2013 Standard Amendment

Prompted by stakeholder feedback, in 2013, the Equitable Origin Board of Directors determined that it was necessary to incorporate a provision related to security and human rights in order to address a fundamental issue that has been the subject of some of the most significant human rights cases in the oil and gas sector. EC-Guide_O&G notes that impacts related to the actions of private or public security forces are a leading human rights issue for the sector. The Technical Committee drafted a new Provision and Performance Targets that were open for public comment for 60 days between mid-August and mid-October, 2013. For a copy of the Terms of Reference, please submit a request via email to contact[at]

The feedback received was reviewed by the Technical Committee, and the Provisions and Performance Targets were revised in light of the comments. The final version of the Provision was then reviewed and approved by the EO Standards Board in their meeting in November, 2013 and subsequently published in an updated version of the Standard.