Benefits of Certification

Leveraging a proven, powerful market mechanism to incentivize more responsible energy development

Equitable Origin is an independent, voluntary certification system that publicly distinguishes energy developers that operate under the highest environmental and social standards. We help set the most innovative developers and operators apart and give downstream customers of fuel and electricity the power to support and express their preference for more responsible development practices.

Voluntary social and environmental certification of products has flourished since the early 1990s, led by certification systems such as the Forest Stewardship Council, the Marine Stewardship Council, and the International Fair Trade Labeling Organizations.

Since its formation, the Forest Stewardship Council has certified more than 182 million hectares of forests in over 80 countries representing $20 billion in forestry sales. The Marine Stewardship Council has certified more than 220 fisheries worldwide, covering 10% of the global annual harvest and generating $4.8 billion in sales. Fair Trade has certified over 1,200 organizations generating more than $1 billion in annual sales across more than 20 product categories.

With its innovative certification program and consumer-facing Market Mechanisms, Equitable Origin is bringing the successful and growing trend of certification to the energy industry. Early adopters of the EO System are leading the transition to more transparent, responsible, and sustainable energy development operations, and gain early access to ethical consumers interested in more responsible energy products.