EO100™ Standard Review


In 2017, EO completed the process of updating the EO100™ Standard for Responsible Energy Development. The second and final round of two public comment periods seeking input on the EO100™ Standard closed on September 30, 2016. The EO Standards Technical Committee reviewed the feedback and proposed final revisions to the EO Board in early 2017.

If you have any questions about the review process, please contact: [email protected]rg.

Summary of Proposed Changes:

To download a side-by-side comparison of the changes proposed by the EO Standards Technical Committee and the EO100 Standard version 2012 (A), click here. (Para la versión en español, haga clic aquí.)

The EO100 Performance Rating System™ includes Performance Targets for each Objective, which are used to evaluate conformance to the EO100 Standard. To download the full list of revised Performance Targets, click here.


Between 2009 and 2012, the EO100TM Standard was developed in consultation with a broad range of stakeholders affected by energy development. We have learned a number of lessons since we published the EO100 Standard in February, 2012. These learnings have come through our work with energy developers to implement the EO100 Standard; through our efforts to develop policies, procedures and training for independent consultants and auditors; and through feedback we have received from users of the Standard and from other interested and affected stakeholders.

To address these developments, Equitable Origin began a comprehensive review of the EO100 Standard with the EO Standards Technical Committee in 2014. We expect to complete the review in 2016 and publish a revised version of the EO100 Standard in early 2017.

Please click click here to download the Terms of Reference for the EO100 Standard Review.

Please click here to download a summary report on the revision process to date.

Equitable Origin conducted the consultations and revisions of the content of the Standard in line with the requirements of ISEAL´s Code of Good Practice on Standard-Setting.

Information for Operators/Developers:

Operators and developers that commit to implementing the EO100™ Standard before 2017 will have one year from the date of publication of the revised Standard to implement any additional requirements contained in the 2017 version. Operators with sites certified to the EO100™ Standard 2012 (A) will be expected to demonstrate conformance with any additional requirements during their next verification audit or re-certification audit that falls in the calendar year following the date of publication of the revised standard.