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Equitable Origin helps differentiate and reward the most innovative, responsible energy developers

A 2014 survey by the Reputation Institute ranked the energy industry 19th out of 24 global industries in public perception. This low public perception begins with local stakeholders at the sites of energy development, including regulators, non-governmental organizations and local and indigenous communities. Poor perception contributes to significant operational, legal, and reputational risk throughout development and distribution processes.

In a world where demand for energy is growing and predicted to grow for decades, more energy development projects in more populated and more environmentally sensitive areas is a certainty. At the same time, major companies and entire industries are working to manage or eliminate social and environmental risks in their supply chains, and are more concerned than ever with the impacts of the energy they consume.

Equitable Origin brings transparency to energy development that significantly reduces social and environmental risks. Through its site certification program, Equitable Origin gives credible, independent recognition to energy developers that lead their sector in social and environmental performance. Equitable Origin Market Mechanisms such as EO Credits allow consumers to support responsible energy development and deliver economic and brand benefits to operators of certified sites.

Equitable Origin offers innovative energy developers and site operators:

  • A protocol for engaging stakeholders in a productive dialog to build trust and informed support of their projects
  • Support services to help them meet the EO100™ Standard
  • Independent, credible verification of an oil and gas operation’s performance
  • Public certification that has the support of local and indigenous communities, international NGOs, financing institutions and independent experts
  • A certificate trading and ecolabel system that links certified producers to downstream customers and consumers, raising public awareness of good practices and rewarding the best companies