Monitoring and Evaluation

Equitable Origin’s Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E) program is designed to measure the impact of the entire EO certification and market mechanisms system. The objectives of EO’s M & E program are to:

  1. Improve the EO certification and market mechanisms system and its effectiveness in achieving its sustainable development and corporate accountability objectives;
  2. Build capacity by learning from experience, not only for EO as an institution, but also for its certified developers, assessment bodies, manufacturers, and retailers marketing EO certified products and EO’s stakeholders affected by or having influence over the system;
  3. Inform strategy regarding policy decisions;
  4. Demonstrate openness and accountability to investors, communities affected by energy development, social mission NGOs and civil society, consumers, the business community and others who are affected by the activities of the EO system;
  5. Earn credibility and encourage adoption of the EO standards through willingness to be open about the results (good or bad) of the EO Certification and market mechanisms system; and
  6. Contribute to the corporate accountability and sustainable development standards, monitoring, and evaluation communities by making available and actively disseminating the results of the EO M&E program at professional forums and social media platforms (adapted from ISEAL Impacts Code, 2010).
  7. The M & E Program has been under development since 2012 and is moving into the implementation phase in 2015. A complete description of the program’s structure, objectives, and methodology is available in the Public System Report (click to download). It is anticipated that Equitable Origin will begin reporting on the results of the M & E program in 2016.