Equitable Origin Qualified Implementation Consultants streamline site certification under the EO100™ Standard

Equitable Origin maintains a diverse and growing roster of Qualified Implementation Consultants (QICs) who have been vetted and trained in the application of all aspects of the EO100™ Standard. In addition to training in the content and application of the Standard, QICs possess experience and expertise in numerous areas relevant to energy development and its social and environmental impacts. QICs are consulting firms and individuals who share an interest in EO’s mission and a network of contacts in the energy industry.

At a client’s request, EO will refer them to one or more QICs with subject matter expertise and geographical presence that match the implementation needs of a site selected for EO certification. Following this referral, the QIC(s) work with the client on a bilateral, consultant-client basis.

Current Equitable Origin Qualified Implementation Consultants

Company Name 
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Contact Person Expertise Countries
APD Proyectos e Innovación Fernando Benalcazar presidencia@apdproyectos.com HSE, environment, stakeholder engagement, human rights, transparency and reporting Ecuador
Acorn International LLC Atma Khalsa
Social and environmental risk management consulting Experience and partnerships in 80 countries, including extensive coverage of Latin America and Africa
Blue Star Strategies, LLC Jesica Lindgren, General Counsel jesica.lindgren@bluestarstrategies.com Governance, Ethics, Anti-Bribery; Social impacts, human rights and indigenous Peoples; Labor standards Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay
Chemonics International Giuliana Canessa Walker, Director of Corporate Partnerships gcwalker@chemonics.com Governance and ethics, anti-corruption, revenue transparency and reporting, environmental and social impact assessments, health impact assessments, ISO 9001, environmental management systems, biodiversity action planning, conflict and crisis management, agricultural development and food security, gender, youth, and social inclusion programming, monitoring and evaluation, local supplier and workforce development Worldwide. Experience operating in 145 countries, including in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, and North America
The Dragonfly Initiative Assheton Stewart Carter acarter@thedragonflyinitiative.com Environment, social, governance Global
Enviro Integration Strategies Karen Chovan kchovan@envirointegration.com Sustainability reporting & report assurance, Global Reporting Initiative G4 Guidelines, environmental management systems, ISO 14001, water and mine waste management Canada
Ferner Consulting Corporation Susan Ferner
Stakeholder Engagement, Social Impact Assessments, Social Performance Planning Project experience in Canada, Ecuador, Peru, Honduras, Armenia, Bangladesh, Kenya.
Keefer Ecological Services Ltd. Michael Edwin Keefer mike@keefereco.com Ethics, Social Impact Management, Indigenous Peoples Rights, Stakeholder Engagement, Labour, Safety, Environment for energy and mining sectors North, Central, and South America
Synergy Global Consulting Ed O'Keefe eokeefe@synergy- global.net Social performance consultancy; security and human rights; ESIAs; community relations; resettlement Experience in over 70 countries

Strategy and Planning

Setting the course for EO100™ site certification requires alignment with your business strategy and core operating functions. Our QICs work with your senior and operations managers to plan and initiate the process of complying with the EO100™ Standard. QICs help clients expand and build upon existing best practices to measure, manage and reduce environmental and social impacts and establish a clear path to EO100™ conformance. Although each site is different, planning activities might include executive briefings, stakeholder mapping exercises, resources/cost analysis, ROI analysis, best practices analysis, and benchmarking operational and social benefits.

Implementation Support

Equitable Origin QICs provide comprehensive and direct technical assistance to implement the EO100™ Standard. QICs will work to deliver tailored services according to your needs on different action plans that reflect sustainability management strategies and guidelines to achieve the EO100™ Standard Certification.


QIC experts work with your implementation team in order to:

  • Ensure streamlined adoption of the EO100™ Standard.
  • Provide guidelines to integrate the EO100™ Standard requirements into your operations.
  • Monitor and evaluate your implementation activities to make sure they meet with your stakeholder expectations. QICs can identify opportunities to work toward progressive and long-term social and environmental progress and benefits.
  • For more information on EO’s QIC program and how to connect with QICs, please contact us at contact[at]equitableorigin.org or +1 917-677-7671