EO100™ for Shale Oil & Gas Operations

Click here to access the draft EO100 for Shale Oil and Gas

In 2014, Equitable Origin began developing a technical addendum to the EO100™ Standard that would supplement the existing EO100 Standard and allow for its application to shale oil and gas operations that use hydraulic fracturing (fracking). The process began with drafting, review, and revision by a sub-group of experts in shale development and its impacts drawn from the Equitable Origin Technical Committee.

The EO shale expert sub-group produced a first draft ("Revision 1") of the addendum, titled EO100 for Shale Oil and Gas, in January 2015. This first draft was circulated for review and comment to a select group of external stakeholders with expertise in the social and environmental impacts of shale development covered by the draft standards. Comments and revisions from these external experts were incorporated in a second draft ("Revision 2"), which was published for public comment on March 16, 2015.

The public comment period for the second draft of the EO100 for Shale Oil and Gas was open from March 16 to May 30, 2015. Equitable Origin invites and encourages commentary on the draft standards by all stakeholders with an interest in or impacted by fracking and shale development operations, including residents, community groups, academics, oil and gas companies, oil and gas services firms, academics, researchers, regulators, oil and gas industry groups, activist groups, landowners/leaseholders, journalists, and any other person or organization with an interest in shale oil and gas operations.

Click here to access the draft EO100 for Shale Oil and Gas. Note that the draft standards for shale oil and gas are an addendum of the EO100 Standard and should be considered as an extension of the provisions of the EO100 Standard which would also apply to shale oil and gas operations. Comments on the draft shale standards should be sent to shalestandards@equitableorigin.com.

Following the March 16 publication of the draft EO100 Standard for public comment, Equitable Origin will begin a series of consultation workshops in locations in North America where shale development is taking place, for the purpose of informing affected communities of the draft standard and collecting input on how to make the draft standard clearer, stronger, and more comprehensive. Groups and individuals interested in EO consultation workshops should email contact@equitableorigin.com with the subject "Shale Standards Consultation Workshop".

Following the close of the public comment period, the Technical Committee will review comments received from the public and through EO consultation workshops and incorporate them into a third draft of the EO100 for Shale Oil and Gas. In late 2015, Equitable Origin will begin pilot testing of shale development site certification under the EO100™ Standard and the draft EO100 addendum for Shale Oil and Gas. Companies interested in piloting the standards should email contact[at]equitableorigin.org with the subject "Shale Standards Pilot".