Soledad Mills

Soledad Mills

Chief Executive Officer

Soledad has a 10-year track record working in the field of human rights and social responsibility. Soledad is driven by her desire to ensure that companies have a positive influence in their host communities and that communities have the appropriate mechanisms to hold companies accountable for development impacts. At Equitable Origin, she is responsible for managing all standard development, assurance, and monitoring and evaluation related activities with a particular focus on the ongoing quality and consistency of the EO100™ Standard and its supporting documents.

Prior to joining Equitable Origin, Soledad worked in the Responsible Sourcing division at Underwriters Laboratories (UL), where she managed relationships with financial institutions and energy companies and oversaw due diligence assessments against the IFC Performance Standards to help inform investment decisions. She has been involved in over 100 assessments in more than twenty countries, including Nigeria, where Soledad worked with human rights and environmental NGOs in the Niger Delta to investigate the impacts of oil extraction on local communities.

Soledad holds a Master’s degree in International Affairs and Human Rights from Columbia University.

Expertise: Corporate social responsibility, human rights, environmental and governance standards; third party certification schemes and auditing; responsible sourcing and supply chain management